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Woman Jumps Into Frozen Pool, Not Caring How Cold It Is, To Save Her Dog That Ended Up Trapped Under The Ice

Security cameras captured the woman jumping into the frozen pool despite the cold and the danger to save her dog who was stuck beneath the ice. In Tennessee, in the United States, surveillance cameras caught Jennie Tatum in her backyard following her valiant rescue.

Time was against Jennie as she raced to the rescue while straining to swiftly break through the two-inch-thick ice to look for her cherished dog, Sid, in the cold waters.

At first, the upset woman couldn’t find Sid, so she got out of the water to look for him there. She then dove back into the chilly water and succeeded in pulling herself out fully.

Facebook/ Jennie Esker Tatum


“It was nothing but adrenaline. She did not consider being chilly at all.

Watch the Sid’s rescue in action video

The video was posted on Facebook by Jennie’s husband, Mike Tatum. In a matter of seconds after being spotted playing with his dog brother beside the pool, Sid loses his balance and falls in, where he gets caught under the ice.

Facebook/ Jennie Esker Tatum

Mike stated in the article:

On Thursday morning, “little” Sid was nearly lost. He wouldn’t be here if Jennie hadn’t reacted so quickly. He was at work, but the whole thing was caught on camera. Over a minute passed as he was submerged beneath the ice in the water.

Facebook/ Jennie Esker Tatum

Sid was submerged in the icy water for more than 60 seconds, and according to his symptoms, his veterinarian April Smith doesn’t think he had a minute more to live. Sid stabilized after getting oxygen resuscitation and treatment for hypothermia.

Facebook/ Jennie Esker Tatum