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Hundreds Of Newborns Are Carried By Alligator Dad To Keep Them Safe

Dhritiman Mukherjee is a photographer who traveled to India’s Chambal Gharial National Wildlife Sanctuary last year in the hopes of spotting a rare crocodile. He never expected to meet a crocodile father that carries his young with him everywhere he went.

Because of its unusual physical traits, such as its long snout and excellent fishing ability, the gharial lizard has always piqued the interest of photographers. Because it is on the verge of extinction, the photographer sought for this species in order to capture a portion of its existence.

Last year, photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee ventured to India’s Chambal Gharial National Wildlife Sanctuary in the hopes of seeing a rare crocodile. He had not anticipated to see a crocodile parent that accompanied his young everywhere he went.

The gharial lizard has always caught the curiosity of photographers due to its unique physical characteristics, such as its long snout and outstanding fishing abilities. The photographer went in search of this species since it is on the edge of extinction, and he wanted to record a piece of its existence.


According to Dhritiman, who spoke to The Dodo,

“A guy typically mates with eight or nine females, so the offspring are protected from all of the females with whom he mates.”


The man was blown away by the performance and spent about a week watching the father gharial care for his children and do everything he could to stay alive. The most shocking aspect is that it was not a simple undertaking, as he had to safeguard and care for hundreds of his children.

Furthermore, the gharial’s nose is too tiny to accommodate its young, thus they had to go on the back of their father. The fact is that the crocodile was very cautious to keep his offspring safe, and there was no time for a break since he was a wonderful parent.


Dhritiman expressed his thoughts:

“I discovered that whenever someone approached them, he was extremely protective and violent. The male always spends 24 hours with the infants. Babies occasionally lie on their father’s back.

Conservationists are hopeful that the gharial is making a return thanks to Dhritiman’s stunning pictures of the big reptile family.


However, the gharial need a great deal of assistance to prosper because to several challenges such as the loss of its river habitats and a shortage of food.

This species’ survival is not simple, but thanks to the photographer’s photos, many people will be interested in assisting them.


Dhritiman had this to say about it:

“Through my photographs, I am able to emotionally and scientifically link a huge number of individuals to the natural environment. I recognized that [photography] had the potential to be a powerful instrument for spreading awareness and conservation.

Dhritiman’s photos are surely spanning the globe, and this species will soon receive all of the assistance it requires to thrive.


Above all, this crocodile dad and his species are finally getting the recognition they deserve.