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When A Blind And Deaf Dog Senses That Her Father Is On His Way Home, She “Goes Insane”

Opal is a lovely 8-month-old puppy who has a unique perspective on life; she was born blind and deaf, but it hasn’t prevented her from being loving and expressive with the people she cares about.

Christina Bray and her husband Forrest Hutchings acquired the puppy after seeing her photographs on social media from The Double J Dog Ranch in Hauser, Idaho, which provides for canines with unique needs.

The personnel of this organization was worried that because of Opal’s disability, no one would accept her in their house, but this did not happen.

Credit: Opalthedoublemerle

Opal’s parents just posted a video on their Instagram account depicting how she greets her father every day, thrilled to feel his presence once more. For the entire family, this has become the most enjoyable time of the day.

Credit: Opalthedoublemerle

Christina added:

“She waits in the front yard for her automobile to be felt or smelled. I’m not sure how she knows the difference because the neighbors’ automobiles come to a halt and she doesn’t seem to notice. Then she gets a whiff of it and goes insane. It’s really nice!”

Credit: Opalthedoublemerle

Despite the fact that she is deaf and blind, her other senses have been enhanced, and she has a noble heart.

Opal is receiving training through touch.

Credit: Opalthedoublemerle

According to Forrest:

“Then sits up with a couple of taps on the backside, and she lies down with a touch on the shoulders.”

Credit: Opalthedoublemerle