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After A Tragedy That Devastated Their Habitat, They Create The First Refuge For Platypuses In The World

Animals are most impacted when forest fires or other natural catastrophes wreck havoc on a region by destroying their habitats.

When an emergency arises, park rangers and conservation organizations work together to save as many animals as they can. However, after the animals have been saved, it can be quite challenging to rehabilitate each one.

Taronga Zoo

Some nations, such as Australia, which had severe fires between 2019 and 2020, have taken action. They also announced the creation of a special shelter in order to stop this kind of disaster.

It serves as a refuge for platypuses, an endangered species whose habitats are under risk from drought and forest fires brought on by climate change.

Taronga Zoo

The news was welcomed with tremendous excitement since it would allow for the preservation of a species before it faces an actual threat of extinction.

Taronga Zoo

The goal of this research is to provide these semi-aquatic creatures with specialist treatment in the event of an emergency.

Additionally, the location will function as a research facility with a focus on the species’ reproduction.

Taronga Zoo

Phoebe Meagher, a wildlife conservator at Taronga who made the announcement, said the initiative was inspired by Australia’s “black summer 2019-2020.”

We received a ton of calls and text messages urging us to go save platypuses. The drought and bushfires in New South Wales were so severe that the platypuses had nowhere to go, according to Meagher.

Taronga Zoo

According to data managed by the Australian environment ministry, the flames caused the deaths of three billion animals.

The population of the species Ornithorhynchus anatinus was down by 50%.

Taronga Zoo