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An Adorable Service Dog Has Become Her Best Friend’s Most Important Assistant As She Learned How To Feed Her

Some animals are undoubtedly destined to play a significant role in the evolution of human society because they frequently acquire abilities that are especially useful to those in need.

Bracha Fischel, an exceptionally gifted painter from Israel, is afflicted with tetraplegia, a condition that renders the arms and legs completely or partially paralyzed. She continues to create stunning artwork despite having minimal hand use and being confined to a wheelchair.

Bracha has continued to create stunning paintings, but it is important to note that she has a nice helper who works with her behind the scenes.


Bracha was given a service dog named Donna since she has special requirements, and ever since they first met, they have become close companions. Although they have only been dating for about a year, the two females have a really special bond that makes it appear as though they have been friends for a very long time.


Donna entered Bracha’s life to ease her burdens, frequently assisting her with simple chores like picking up objects and unlocking doors. She has consistently done a great job, to the point that she even rose to the position of top assistant for Bracha’s creative process.

Every time she begins a new painting project, Donna is happy to provide her the supplies she needs, including the brushes and tools.


Bracha stated to The Dodo:

When I need anything extra to paint, Donna provides brushes, pencils, markers, or whatever else I need.

The perceptive small dog has developed into a crucial component of painting, and she is unquestionably already a member of Bracha’s creative team.

Although what Donna does is certainly admirable, it pales in comparison to the most significant way in which she supports her mother. She intuitively understood that her pal needed food, and she instantly picked up how to feed her in a very inquisitive manner.


In fact, Donna feeds her closest pal food carefully while holding a modified spoon in her muzzle.

Bracha stated:

She apparently learned how to do this first among dogs.

Since then, when it’s time for dinner, Donna is one of the emotional moment’s protagonists and is a symbol of genuine love. Her friendship has demonstrated that it is more than just a union of necessity and that Donna is actually there to adore Bracha.

The fact that Donna is making her best friend’s life simpler makes her appear to be very glad to serve her.