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Dog Walks 4 Blocks Every Day To See If His Friend Can Come Out To Play

Tommy was adopted from a shelter when he was around a year old by his family. Initially, the family had lined up appointments with a few prospective matches in search of a female dog. One of the staff members inquired if the family would want to meet Tommy while they waited for the dogs to come from their foster homes. For both the family and Tommy, it was love at first sight.

Tommy’s mother, Jenna Termolen, told The Dodo, “When it was time for him to go back out, he laid down on the floor doing his best not to leave us; she had to actually drag/slide him on his belly out of the room.”


Tommy spent the most of his life in Illinois with his family, until 2015, when they relocated to an upstate New York suburb. Tommy used to have a lot of dog buddies in his former neighborhood, and he appeared to miss them after the relocation – until he met Jackson.

Termolen was out running errands about a week after the family had moved into their new home when she received a text from her youngest son claiming that a very enormous, extremely hairy dog with no tail had unexpectedly come inside their house.

Termolen recalled, “I immediately contacted him to check if everything was OK.” “He reported that Tommy and the dog were getting along swimmingly, and that the dog appeared to be friendly.”


They realized the dog’s name was Jackson and that he lived directly down the block after eventually finding his collar beneath all his fur. Jackson’s family was embarrassed that he had somehow found his way into someone’s home, but they were not surprised that he was out and about trying to make friends. Termolen and her son walked Jackson home, and while his family was embarrassed that he had somehow found his way into someone’s home, they were not surprised that he was out and about trying to make friends. Termolen and her son said their goodbyes to Jackson and returned home, only to discover that Jackson’s visit that day was far from over.

Almost every day, Jackson comes over to see Tommy. Termolen and her family walked Jackson back home the first few times, but they’ve since found he’s completely self-sufficient.


“When he comes to visit, he usually walks in via the front door and offers one or two polite barks,” Termolen added. “If no one answers the front door, he’ll either attempt to get into the garage if it’s open or proceed around the back of the house to the back deck, barking at each door.” I normally just let him in or out of the house.”

Tommy is now 16 years old, while Jackson is roughly 5 years old, yet the two are still the greatest of friends despite their age difference. Tommy and his closest friend used to run and play in the yard all the time when they were younger and healthy.


“Now it’s more of a wellness check,” Termolen added, “since Tommy is really starting to show his age.” “Jackson comes in, gets a drink, checks to see if Tommy has any leftover food, and they just hang around for a while.” They have a wonderful friendship. When it’s finished, it’ll be devastating. When Jackson comes to visit and Tommy isn’t here to meet him, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my cool.”


Tommy has been battling health concerns for the past year, and his veterinarian is surprised he’s still alive. The adorable senior dog, on the other hand, is still as cheerful as ever, and his family has given him the nickname Tommy Timex.

Termolen replied, “He gives a licking and keeps ticking.”