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Cat Is Close Friends With Three Grenadians And Believes He Is A Dog

Lincoln is a sweet one-year-old kitten who gets along swimmingly with his three Great Dane siblings, Liberty, six, Finnegan, five, and Lucy, eight months. His mother, Jill Whitlow, claims that despite his brothers’ intimidating stature, the feline has never displayed fear.

Jill recalls coming to the cat shelter with Liberty a year ago to see how she would respond, and they eventually ended up going home with Lincoln.

According to Jill, who spoke to Metro UK,

“I wanted to be certain it wasn’t going to be a disaster.” Liberty, on the other hand, was head over heels in love from the outset, while Lincoln was unfazed. From the time he walked in, he was in command.


When people see the large dogs and little Lincoln wandering quietly together, they are generally taken aback. Jill has decided to capture their sweet connection on social media, demonstrating how the small cat is the pack leader in her home.

Jill guarantees:

“People are taken aback by Lincoln’s self-assurance. They are astonished.”


People are typically scared by their dogs’ size, and often have misunderstandings about the breed, according to Jill, but they are actually incredibly nice and gentle dogs.

The lady continues:

“They get along well with other animals and live true to their appellation of gentle giant.” Lincoln behaves as if he is one of the dogs, even running to fetch a reward when they do. Like the dogs, he’ll wait for me to say, ‘You may eat it now.’


Jill concluded by saying:

“He bites and leaps on them, stuns them.” Lincoln is occasionally saddened when a dog rolls over him when they’re resting, but he warns them.”