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They Record The Moment When Rehabilitated Penguins Are Finally Released On The Beach

A group of animals returning to their home—the same area that humans persists on encroaching onto and that they are entitled to by law of nature—is the most heartwarming and joyful sight.

We are sharing with you today the amazing event of a group of penguins returning to their nest after being rescued off the Santa Catarina coast of Brazil between June and August.

After being examined, an identification microchip was given to each of these birds.

“The penguins are so adorable, and they constantly appear to be dressed up with those adorable tiny faces. Guys, smile and be free,” a user on the internet said.

Since the beginning of the annual penguin migration season from Patagonia, Argentina, in mid-autumn, this is the third batch of penguins that have been released this year.

The majority of the birds who are stranded on the beaches of Santa Catarina are young, in their first year of existence, and attempting the migratory trek for the first time, according to the Research Center that welcomed them.

These young penguins could have a hard time finding food, and they run the risk of being lost in flocks and weakening. Additionally, they run the risk of unintentionally being captured by a fishing party.

Spheniscus magellanicus is the species’ official name. These 10 birds were recovered at the Center for Research, Rehabilitation and Depetrolization of Marine Animals (CePRAM / R3Animal) in Florianópolis after being saved by personnel from the Santos Basin Beach Monitoring Project.

In 2020, the second and third penguin release batches took place on August 3 and August 24, respectively, with 20 and 13 more penguins released. According to the organization, the project’s rehabilitation and release of 67 penguins occurred in 2019.

If you ever have the good fortune to come across a penguin stranded near this beach, you can call 0800 642 334 in Brazil, and the closest project base will rescue the little bird. The most crucial thing is to maintain a safe distance from the penguins and to keep any pets out of the area because they can spread disease.

Using a towel and putting the struggling penguin inside of a cardboard box to keep it warm is the best approach to keep it safe. Use the little animal’s beak with caution. They shouldn’t be iced or fed in an unsatisfactory manner.

Every time a penguin emerges from the water again, nature and the same species have another chance to complete their lovely life cycle.

Congratulations to Mother Nature and the adorable penguins!