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Bus Driver Picked Up Homeless Dogs During Storm In Buenos Aires

A violent storm hit Hurlingham, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in the midst of the downpour, a bus driver noticed two stray dogs struggling in the bad weather. He stopped the vehicle and put them on board while they dried off and the situation improved.

The nice guy could not leave the animals there because they were exposed to the elements and shivering during the storm while the bus was traveling along its regular route.

The driver’s kindness won the respect of his fellow travelers, who took it upon themselves to post about the man’s kind act on social media.

Witness Stella Maris San Martin stated:

The driver did not let the two dogs off since they were so terrified of the storm; instead, I let them continue traveling after getting off at Bella Vista. When I returned from La Boca where they had risen, I was sorry and wished I had lowered them; the driver is cool.

One of the dogs, which was even laying at the driver’s feet, is seen in one of the bus images.