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This Dad Didn’t Want To Get A Dog But Now He Has A Sweet Bedtime Routine

Alice Garrido Gallardo, who resides in Peru with her family, recalls the instances in which her father flatly refused to allow a dog into the house with grace. The family frequently enjoys seeing him and his Labrador puppy Jean Gray put on the cutest bedtime routine now that his reasons for rejecting a pet appear to be in the past.

Alice saved Jean Gray from the streets, and although it was first difficult for her father to accept the adorable puppy at home, she persisted and was able to bring them together. There was an instant connection between the two.

TikTok/ Alice Garrido Gallar

Alice stated to The Dodo:

“Our last dog had passed away, and we didn’t want another one any time soon. She had fallen in love the day he brought her home, but she was still in mourning.

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The man, who at first didn’t want a dog, has grown quite devoted to it and, through time, has developed a wonderful bond with Jean Grey. The two of them go through a nice ritual every night.

Alice tacked on:

Every night, “he started putting her to bed.”

TikTok/ Alice Garrido Gallar

The same scene plays out every night. In addition to playing with Jean Grey and tucking her into bed, Alice’s father also places a toy next to her and fluffs up her pillow to make her more comfortable.

TikTok/ Alice Garrido Gallar