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She Was On Vacation And Sees A Hungry Puppy So She Stops Everything To Help Him

A 17-year-old woman named Elliot Sherin has a large heart. Her intentions to go horseback riding with her father one day while on a vacation to Jamaica in December were altered when she stumbled across a gang of stray dogs.

The youngest of them all, Kingston was around three months old, emaciated, covered in filth, and terrified, yet he quickly won Elliot’s heart.

Eliot stated:

“He was really afraid as the other dogs came up to us begging for food. He forbade us from approaching him. How am I going to get him out of here was all he could think of.

In order to find a charity to assist the dog, the girl left some food for him and returned to the cruise ship, where she discovered the Animal House Jamaica rescue facility.

Eliot stated:

“At the moment, I was adamant that I would save this puppy and bring it home. She kept returning to the picture she had shot of him. He was such a cute little puppy, but I could see he was terrified. My family, though, said, “Yeah, yeah, that’s impossible.”

When the girl called the rescue group, they informed her that she could assist the dog as long as she could bring him to the shelter, contribute to the cost of his medical care, and pay for his travel back to Seattle, Washington.

However, if the girl was able to cover the expense of trip on her own, the girl’s parents chose to provide support as well. The youngster enlisted the aid of her family and friends to launch an internet fundraising campaign in order to carry out the agreement.

As Eliot said:

He was such a gorgeous little dog, but I could see he was afraid, and at that moment, I was convinced that I would save this puppy and bring it home. My family, though, argued, “Sure, yeah, that’s impossible.