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Kitten With A Sweet Face Finds The Ideal Family To Help Her Prosper

Last month, an animal welfare organization was conducting a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) programme when this adorable feline was discovered alone on the chilly streets.

The kitten was whisked away to Meow Village, a wild cat rescue center in Aurora, Oregon, where she was given a better life.

“She was caught capturing cats to be spayed and neutered by a TNR rescuer. It was clear that the kitten needed to be examined further. She was in the arms of a Meow Village volunteer within hours after a few phone calls.”


They saw the tiny girl had a cleft lip, moved shakily, and was underweight when she arrived at the rescue facility. Selina, a volunteer, jumped in to assist her.


They never reject critical or special needs kittens at the rescue center because they want them to have the same opportunity as other cats. The young girl felt better after a warm wash to get rid of the fleas; she ate a full meal and went asleep in her new bed.

Seline stated, ”

“This kitten has a warm and caring personality. She eats and drinks well, and it didn’t take her long to figure out how to use the litter box.”


The kitten was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (excess fluid in the brain), blindness, and ataxia after being sent to a specialist (lack of coordination or balance). Something that concerned the volunteers much because she was sure to create further challenges in the future, necessitating specialist care.


Despite these issues, the adorable ball of fur appeared to be content with his existence and simply concerned about having a good time.

Desirae, a staff member at the veterinary facility, fell in love with the little fighter’s spirit and chose to adopt her.