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After Being Found Without His Mother, a Kitten Half His Size is Determined to Have a Full Life

After being found abandoned by their mother, a litter of kittens was taken to FosterBabyCats, a kitten sanctuary in Columbus, Ohio.

The Good Samaritan who found them waited a week for the mother to return, but she never did. Piper, one of the kittens, was only half the size of his brothers.

CREDIT: FosterBabyCats

“The kittens all came to the rescue after that week was over. Piper had aspiration pneumonia and was prescribed medication immediately soon. I also observed that his paws were swollen “FosterBabyCats’ Jillian shared with Love Meow. “I concentrate in orphan newborns since they’re an underserved population in shelters.”

CREDIT: FosterBabyCats

Jillian started giving the kittens round-the-clock bottle feedings and supplementary care to help strengthen their immune systems and get them back on their feet.

Despite the odds stacked against them, Jillian stood by the kittens as they fought for their lives. Piper was only about the size of a palm for the first three weeks of his life, and he was significantly smaller than his littermates.

CREDIT: FosterBabyCats

The kittens spent the most of their time between feedings sleeping in the warmth of their incubator (which helps regulate their body temperatures).

Four of the five kittens survived and began to flourish after many sleepless nights and intense care from the foster mother.

Piper, the smallest of the litter, is a formidable opponent.

CREDIT: FosterBabyCats

Because the tiniest kitten was behind in growth, Jillian increased his feedings and lavished him with affection throughout the day. After obtaining a full belly, Piper would roll over for a back rub.

He is usually cheerful and grateful to be looked for. The clinging tiny infant has developed a strong bond with his foster family.

CREDIT: FosterBabyCats

A minor eye infection and swelling in Piper’s paws were addressed. The tiny warrior kitten is doing well and has made great progress.

He began playing and wrestling with his littermates as soon as he figured out his legs, and he held his own. “Piper is still considerably smaller than his brothers,” Jillian explained, “but he’s a strong little boy.”

CREDIT: FosterBabyCats

Piper is doing well in foster care and has finally reached her development potential. In just two weeks, the small cat had grown significantly in size and developed a voracious appetite.

CREDIT: FosterBabyCats

Every moment with his foster mother is cherished by the little bundle of love. He’s a natural at eating on his own and is becoming more active and boisterous by the day.

In this charming video, you can see Piper the kitten and his journey:

Jillian told Love Meow, “He’s always been extremely loving and a little needy – he definitely loves his people.”

CREDIT: FosterBabyCats

“He now likes jumping around and battling with his brothers on the playground. He’s still little, but he’ll be able to keep up!”

Piper, the mighty little cat, enjoys causing trouble and living life to the fullest in his foster room.

The tiniest kitten in the litter has grown into a fat, beautiful cat. He may still be tiny, but he more than makes up for it with personality.