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Dog With The Sweetest Crooked Smile Is Looking For Someone To Love

Despite the fact that Zeke’s life has not been easy, he can’t help but smile. At The NOAH Center in Stanwood, Washington, his unusual, crooked smile has captured the hearts of those who know him.

The NOAH Center’s dog care coordinator, Katrina Wedin, says she doesn’t know how to explain Zeke’s appeal. The kind and compassionate youngster enjoys engaging with others and enjoys being the center of attention.

Katrina explained to The Dodo:

“Our shelter’s workers and volunteers have formed a large fan club for him.” He wants to be as near as possible to you.

Facebook/ The NOAH Center

Zeke was seven months old when he came at the shelter in January of this year. His crooked face was discovered to be owing to a congenital deformity after medical exams and a veterinary examination, but the tooth poking out of his mouth doesn’t affect him at all.

Catherine explains:

“He had to get some dental work done on him.” However, it has no bearing on her daily life!

Facebook/ The NOAH Center

Zeke was adopted after a few months in the shelter’s care. However, as his family faced difficulties, he was forced to return to the shelter. Zeke now wants to find a permanent home, and the shelter staff hopes that someone will see his crooked smile.

Katrina explains:

“He’s such a wonderful, lovely, hilarious gentleman with a face that no one can help but admire.”

Facebook/ The NOAH Center

So far, Zeke has remained in the shelter’s care, his adoption being a one-of-a-kind situation owing to the fact that he will most likely require further surgery as he gets older to keep his deformity from affecting him. The kind and affectionate youngster, on the other hand, is hopeful that the proper family would come along and provide him with the love and attention he craves.

Meanwhile, Zeke is content to be the favorite of his caregivers, and he will continue to wow them with his charming, crooked smile.

Facebook/ The NOAH Center