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Rescue Rwo Kittle Monkeys In A Sorry State And Live With Them As If They Were Your Children

Susana Andrés is a devout Argentine rescuer who has dedicated her life to saving helpless animals for many years. They’ve been the small souls who have been lucky enough to encounter this wonderful woman who has transformed her fate, from dogs to pigs to horses.

In March of this year, she was alerted to the plight of two little monkeys who were in critical condition. As a result, she did not hesitate to interfere and transport them to her residence.

She gradually acquired their trust, and she was given responsibility for their care and feeding, as if she were their mother. And she customized a space to make them feel at ease and allow them to grow up healthy and happy. She chose the names Charlotte and Alexander after the renowned Caniggia brothers from an Argentine reality program.

“Alexander was around a year and a half old at the time, and Charlotte was two.” I educated myself and sought advice from different veterinarians on his treatment. Susana adds, “I also created a two-meter-long, 90-meter-wide cage for them and assisted them in their recovery.”

She was relaxed since she knew that these monkeys do not reproduce in captivity, so she could focus on their recuperation, as she would do anything to help them because they were an endangered species.

Tit monkeys live in Central and South America and are non-tropical animals. The majority of them dwell in the Amazon’s deep rainforest, and despite having a life expectancy of over 14 years, they are designated endangered species owing to habitat degradation.

Susana, on the other hand, received a life-changing surprise. Charlotte became pregnant after two months of love and care. Susana says that they were so relaxed and safe that Nature took over.

He decided to call a professional animal rescue organization to be transported to a protected region in light of what had transpired and the fact that the huge family was not in his plans and he did not have suitable circumstances for everyone.

Susana’s heart was broken by the choice, but it was for the best. Her infants began to perceive her as a mother, and her parents, Charlotte and Alexander, became closer to Susana with each passing year, never leaving her for a second.

“I wanted them to be happy, even if I loved them.” It was always obvious to me that it was the greatest… They taught me a great deal. Charlotte gripped her finger during the delivery as Alexander assisted her.

The most amazing part was that the monkey family became Susana’s family, as well as the entire neighborhood. They were adored by everybody.

“They would constantly play on the patio, which is pretty spacious.” They sat on the roof from time to time to keep an eye on the people who lived next door. The neighbors fed them and ate with them. “They were always welcome at Ballester,” the woman recalls.

So, after 18 months after her rescue, the time arrived for Charlotte, Alexander, and the tiny ones to travel to a better place, leaving Susana heartbroken but knowing it was for the best. The quarantine added to the sadness, as she had to accept the fact that she would have to leave them go without knowing when she would see them again.

Susana had the wonderful idea of initiating a weekly video conversation with the sanctuary’s administrators so that the small monkeys could see her, even on the screen, and she described such times as “special and emotional.”

They are handled with great care and commitment at the sanctuary since they are the only Marmoset monkeys in the region and the first to be released back into their natural environment without having to go through quarantine. This occurred because the veterinarian who inspected them stated that they had been well-cared for and nourished.

“I always say they saved my life. They are lovely people, and I miss them terribly. I’m eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the quarantine so that I may pay them a visit. I had previously been invited by the caretakers. Susana concludes, “I hope they are very happy.”