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German Shepherd Loves Being The Babysitter For Orphaned Deer

The German shepherd dog is renowned for its intellect, as well as for being a stately, devoted, and unexpected friend for both children and adults. This breed may be trained as therapy dogs, rescue dogs, or even police dogs from the time they are puppies.

The German shepherd has a long history of accomplishing incredible things, such as healing wounded and orphaned animals.

Sarge, a German Shepherd who lives in Ohio and is surrounded by outdoors, is accustomed to encountering wildlife, particularly deer.


Sarge was a grouchy puppy when he was younger. He liked to taunt his owner by nipping her toes, and he would chase his siblings around the house like any other puppy.

When his mother brought home an orphaned juvenile deer named ‘Buckwheat’ from the middle of the road, the 9-year-old German shepherd changed his mind.


Sarge’s mother, Cheryl Stephen, told The Dodo:

“Something ‘clicked’ in Sarge, and he immediately grabbed Buckwheat. He wanted to be a part of Buckwheat’s care in every way. He assumed the position of Buckwheat’s protector. The other dogs were not permitted to approach the infant.”

Buck felt secure with his new friend after Buckwheat came at the house and Sarge agreed to be the babysitter.


Buckwheat was finally released back into the wild, but word of Cheryl and Sarge’s orphaned deer rehabilitation had traveled throughout town.

Sarge was overjoyed every time a new deer came, and Cheryl’s phone started ringing off the line with reports of animals in need.

Cheryl explained:

“Sarge leaps into action when I enter through the door with a deer.” He wants to inspect them and sniffs desperately to ascertain his health. Sarge attracts the deer, who feel comfortable in his company. Sarge never leaves his side.


Some of the deer who come to the house fail to rehabilitate and die, causing the German shepherd much grief.

Cheryl explained:

“He groans for days, his head down, and he refuses to eat. She’s been lying among the graves of her beloved deer, refusing to go.’

Despite the difficulties, Sarge feels delighted every time a new baby walks through the door. Over the years, he has gained a lot of friends and is always eager to share his food, blankets, and care with animals in need.