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Young Argentine Adopted Two Homeless Dogs In Chile And Walked Back Not To Leave Them

A young man from Argentina named Lucas Giménez visited Chile with his girlfriend Sol. He took in two stray dogs there and gave them the names Pilsen and Serena. But the issues began when he returned.

After being robbed and being left with nothing except their clothing and dogs, the couple opted to begin their return trip on foot because no bus operator would let them travel with the dogs.

In Abra Pampa, Jujuy, everything was taken. Lucas and his girlfriend were left without any money, a phone, clothing, or other possessions. only when using dogs.

Says Augustine:

“The father of the bride came to Jujuy to seek for them on a bus once they were able to speak with us and the families.”

However, since no business would let them travel with the dogs, not everything was resolved. In order to avoid abandoning Pilsen and Serena, Lucas ordered his girlfriend to return and opted to walk with them.

Says Augustine:

“That’s how my brother has always been. We have several pets and a farm as our home. He grows connected and is unable to leave them.

In order to raise awareness of the issue and increase the likelihood that a sympathetic motorist would pick them up, Lucas’ family and friends posted the tale on social media.

As soon as her tale went viral, several individuals volunteered to assist her. Two sisters named Ninoska and Evelyn extended their hands when they saw him on the street and recognized him from an online article.

Ninoska declared:

He said he was already burned and the pups were sleepy, so we offered to take him in the car. We offered them refreshments, cookies, cash assistance, and a gift for him. He intends to reach Mendoza in this manner. The pups are really well-behaved; they were quiet, did not bark, and neatly sat on the carpet.