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Sweet Dog Has Been In A Shelter For 2 Years Without A Single Adoption Appointment

When an animal comes at a shelter, the objective is to assist it, rehabilitate it, and then find it a home where it may live out its days, but it appears that not everyone has the same luck, as is the case with a loving dog that has been in a shelter for more than two years without finding a potential adoptive.

Coco, a puppy, came to the Main Line Animal Rescue (MLAR) shelter in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States in 2019. His family had recently relocated from Connecticut, but they no longer had time to devote to the puppy due to personal circumstances, so they opted to give it up.

Facebook/ Main Line Animal Rescue

Coco has now been with us for over 730 days, and she has not had any adoption appointments throughout that period.

Despite the fact that no one has expressed an interest in him, Coco remains hopeful and continues to wait for the ideal family to appear at her door.

Facebook/ Main Line Animal Rescue

Coco’s charming nature emerges as she gets to know you, but it might take a bit for her to open up to new people. He is initially shy, and his pals at the shelter feel that this is why he has been unable to find a family.

Heidi Mottin, an MLAR volunteer, told The Dodo:

“Coco is suspicious of strangers at first, but once he trusts them and understands they mean no harm, he’s goofy, affectionate, and playful.”

Facebook/ Main Line Animal Rescue

Coco loves to give kisses, and he is a bold dog when it comes to exploring the outside shelter’s surroundings. Coco is a large dog with trust difficulties, so he will need some time to acclimatize once he arrives at his new home.

Some people want a dog that adjusts quickly to their lifestyle, but you’ll have to be patient with Coco if you want her to succeed.

Facebook/ Main Line Animal Rescue

Coco’s wary demeanor might be due to the fact that she has been at the shelter for a long time and finds it difficult to relax in such a crowded setting. It’s a tense environment, but everyone feels that once Coco arrives at her future home, she’ll relax and reveal her true self.

Heidi continued, ”

“Coco is accustomed to living in a shelter. He appears to be resigned, almost as if he has given up hope that life has more to offer ».

Facebook/ Main Line Animal Rescue

Coco is sociable with other calm dogs, but it is preferred that he be the only dog in his new home after spending so much time in a shelter. Coco would be more at ease in a calm, unobtrusive environment, at least until she becomes accustomed to her surroundings.

The ideal situation would be for her to find a calm household where she wouldn’t have to cope with a lot of visitors.

Facebook/ Main Line Animal Rescue

Coco has formed a particular link with the volunteers at the shelter over the years; they adore him and show it to him every day. They’ll definitely be heartbroken when they have to say goodbye to Coco, but all they want is for him to find a loving family.

Facebook/ Main Line Animal Rescue

A volunteer at the shelter, April Madel, said:

“Once you’ve won Coco’s trust (which doesn’t take long), he relaxes.”

Coco has waited a long time for the perfect family, but with any hope, she will find a permanent home soon.

Facebook/ Main Line Animal Rescue