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Puppy Crawled Through Construction Site Waiting For Someone To Help Him

A construction worker discovered a little wounded puppy, around two or three months old, who required immediate assistance. The small child was wondering about the building site, hoping for someone who might aid him, when the gallant worker approached.

The worker picked up the young child at lunchtime and drove him to the Chicago Animal Care and Control animal shelter.

Then, volunteers from Chicago’s One Tail At A Time animal rescue group decided to rush him to the clinic for a checkup.


They examined him more thoroughly and performed the necessary tests to determine what sort of sickness or accident had caused his injuries. They named the puppy “Parmesan Crisp” since he had a nasty skin ailment that caused his legs to swell and his skin to become red.


His skin wounds appeared to be raw, he was in a poor state, and he even appeared to be sleepy. Parmesan Crisp has been diagnosed with juvenile cellulite, an autoimmune condition for which he is receiving therapy.

The dog is being treated with drugs prescribed by the physician, eating a healthy food, and resting to restore strength.

Heather Owen, one of the rescue center’s co-founders, told IlovemyDog:

“When all of these substances are combined, the problem should go away on its own and your skin should recover over time.”

The small damaged puppy will most likely be able to fully recover and have a normal life with the proper care, doctor suggestions, and a lot of love and patience.

Parmesan Crisp is currently residing in a foster home; despite the fact that he is still unwell, the pup is beginning to show signs of his tenacious attitude.


The tiny one has had a terrible life; despite his little existence, he has had to endure much, but his fortune is changing. It is unknown how Parmesan Crisp came up on the streets; he was most likely born as a stray or abandoned by a ruthless guy.


What matters most is that this puppy heals completely and loves his life.

For the time being, Parmesan Crips has a second opportunity at life in his new home, where he will undoubtedly receive all of the affection he requires.


The young pup appears to be continually changing, hints to a good future, thanks to his adoptive mother’s care and affection.