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This Couple Sees A Homeless Dog Waiting Outside Their Door And They Let Him In, Now He’s The Happy New Member Of Their Family

A worried corgi was pacing back and forth in front of his door as Lauren Alondra’s boyfriend approached his house. The small dog appeared frightened and perplexed, and he was peering through the door as if he were trying to enter the home. The man immediately dialed her girlfriend from the car to let her know what was going on, and Lauren instructed him to open the door to check whether the dog entered. Fortunately, the dog did.

The dog dashed inside as the girl’s boyfriend opened the door and hid between the fence and the rear of the house. Although Lauren and her partner made an effort to approach him, the corgi remained in that location.


Although the dog lacked an identification chip, Lauren was still able to track down the boy’s mother by posting about the incident on social media.

The woman revealed that when she and her ex split up, Buddy the puppy had to be left behind. The woman believed that he had found Buddy and expressed her gratitude to the pair for locating him and ensuring his safety. She also inquired as to whether they would want to adopt him.

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To quote Lauren, The Dodo:

His relationships with my other three dogs are good. The owner expressed her desire for us to adopt him because he seemed to be adjusting to us so well. Although having a fourth dog is a lot of work, we are pleased to comply. He is a perfect match in our home.


When Buddy was initially saved, he was absolutely lost and terrified, but as soon as he understood he was secure, he started to show off his endearing nature and is today the happiest and most lively dog.

The young woman added:

“He now has a significant change. Since he was first really terrified and appeared disturbed by what had happened, he is adjusting pretty well. He is now really joyful and lively. He enjoys playing catch and receiving belly massages. He’s getting as much socialization as we can, and he now accepts belly rubs from everybody!

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Buddy showed up at their door for a purpose, and Lauren and her boyfriend are thrilled to adopt him even though they weren’t planned on getting another dog.