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Dog Who Got Separated From His Family Knew Exactly Who To Ask For Help

Deputy Soto and Sergeant Rose of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida were returning to their patrol cruiser after responding to a complaint when they observed something against one of the doors. They recognized it was a dog when they came closer, and it looked to be a bit bewildered.

The dog was overjoyed to see the cops and acted as though he had been waiting for them to come to his aid. They observed he had a collar and presumed he had become separated from his family and hoped they might assist him in reuniting with them.


According to Gary Levine, a public relations officer with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, “Deputy Soto suspected the dog, called Hank according to his collar ID, could be hungry.” “Deputy Soto served the last of his food to Hank. Hank leaped into the back door of his patrol car as he opened it.”

Hank was overjoyed to see the cops and took some food and a ride graciously. Fortunately, Hank’s collar had an address on it, so the cops were able to drive him home and reunite him with his family before he had even left the house.