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Man Takes Care Of Animals On The Border With Ukraine So That Refugees Do Not Have To Give Them Up

The Plantig Peace foundation was founded by Aaron Jackson. This young man has an uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time, so when he learned that assistance was needed at the Polish-Ukrainian border, he instantly boarded a plane to join the volunteers assisting thousands of migrants.

The Dodo quoted Aaron as saying:

“When it all started two weeks ago, I was just reading news and watching TV video.” I watched a story about migrants staying in a train station and how cold it was, and I got a plane ticket and flew the next day.”


Aaron purchased a plane ticket after reading about Ukrainian migrants sleeping at a train station near the Ukrainian-Polish border.

“Says the young man,” he says.

“I saw the terrible cost of war there.” Families forced to evacuate their homes. Families have been separated from one another. Families escaping their previous life. “And that was all done in sub-zero temps.”


Aaron continued, ”

“With two million people fleeing Ukraine, the majority of them crossing into Poland, accommodation has become extremely scarce.” When you have a cat or a dog, things get much more complicated because room is limited and not all places accept animals.”


Thousands of people are forced to choose between staying safe and keeping their beloved pets, with some even being urged to cross the border without them.

However, Aaron and other border volunteers are assisting migrants with pets by providing sanctuary until their owners can find safety.

The volunteer guarantees:

“It’s very inspiring to watch families who aren’t giving up on their dogs.” The most moving is escaping a conflict but not abandoning your dog.”


Planting Peace also donates pet food and carriers to large refugee facilities created along the border, in addition to placing families in secure homes.

After everything that they had to go through to get to the border, Aaron wants individuals and their dogs to have good meals ready for them.

“Says the young man,” he says.

“There are these people that have walked 100, 200 kilometers to come to the border, 50 of those miles with their dog on their back.” So if someone is prepared to do that for his dog, I will not tell them, “You have to get go of your dog in order to obtain accommodation.”