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Why Do Animals Like Capybaras So Much?

Why do other animals like capybaras so much? This was the question posted on Tumblr, so Bored Panda decided to do a little research on these adorable animals.

The photo evidence of the capybara’s friendliness and the animal friendships they can form was more than convincing. Each and every one of domestic and wild animals seems to like hanging out with this friendly creature that looks like a rat-pig hybrid. Even the crocodiles!

The answer? It probably lies in some capybara facts. First of all, these cute animals are very social and often live in groups of 10-20 individuals. Second, this lovable creature is the largest rodent in the world, growing to a size of up to 134cm and weighing up to 66kg. Third, native to South America, capybaras are semi-aquatic mammals that prefer to live near bodies of water; in fact, they are excellent swimmers, can avoid predators by staying submerged for up to 5 minutes, and mate only in water. Moreover, the most important fact is that we’d sure love to have a capybara pet!

What do you think? Are there any other animal friends that surpass the level of capybara’s loveliness?