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Wild Duck Meets A Dog And Decides They’re Best Friends

Until he met McGee, a duck residing in the pond behind Evan Hastings’ house was alone.

The affectionate 6-year-old canine has a huge heart and doesn’t seem to mind if his feathery pal is a touch clingy.


Hastings told The Dodo, “He’s a great welcoming dog with not a nasty bone in his body.” “I believe the duck felt lonely and began tormenting McGee, after which they became great friends.”

Daffy, the duck, now spends his days lounging in the sun with McGee. McGee is exceedingly patient while Daffy tries to catch his attention all the time. Every morning, he shares his food with Daffy and they eat from the same dish.


“During the day, McGee will be resting in the grass with the duck on his back,” Hastings explained. “I believe McGee becomes irritated after a time because the duck keeps pecking at him for some reason.”

Daffy nearly ever leaves McGee’s side, and the two spend hours swimming together in the evenings. Daffy enjoys jumping into the pond, swimming around, and then riding McGee out of it. McGee seemed to have just as much fun “retrieving” Daffy on his back.


“The duck is always attempting to get on his back when they swim together,” Hastings added. “He’ll hold his wings straight out sometimes while he’s up there – it’s funny.”

Here’s a link to their cute swimming routine: