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He Is Recorded Disturbing The Sleep Of A Baby Sea Lion With A Shoe To Go Viral

Nothing is more gentle and endearing than a baby taking a long slumber, especially if it is a wild animal on a beautiful beach, beckoning you to ponder it and wonder at Nature’s gifts.

A sight that many of us animal lovers would definitely like. But what we find difficult to comprehend is that there are genuinely cruel, foolish, and dishonest people who, when confronted with such a scenario, choose to perform the worst deed possible by interrupting a precious baby’s slumber.

After a Chinese tourist relentlessly mistreated a sea lion youngster, a horrific video went viral on social media, creating a wave of fury and outrage.

He did it just to increase the number of viewers on the networks. The small child was blissfully asleep on the sand when a stranger arrived with a slipper and began hitting him on the head and back in a nasty manner.

Many people want they could wake the heartless to experience what it’s like.

A lady, who is assumed to be the one who recordings, comments between chuckles when the man disturbs the sea lion:

“Your mother is yelling at you to get up!”

The tiny child doesn’t comprehend anything after the guy’s insistence, wakes up afraid, and returns to see the stranger.

He escapes through the sand, terrified, in a matter of seconds, hoping that this creature would stop bothering him and that he can find somewhere else to sleep.

Even though we’re sure the poor young guy couldn’t sleep that day because of the agony of having someone else torment him like this…

The shocked child flees at full speed… Mission achieved for the man

The video was first shared on Douyin, a Chinese social media platform similar to Tik Tok, where it received 5 million views:

After the video went viral, the China Cetacean Alliance, an international animal protection and conservation group, denounced the occurrence, warning of “hidden risks and the possibility of getting wildlife diseases.”

“Doing something so dumb and nasty in order to obtain web attention discredits Chinese visitors as a whole.”

It was also discovered that additional identical movies assaulting and disturbing hundreds of sea lions were recorded on the same beach and were uploaded to the same man’s account. However, those posts vanished from the social networking platform almost quickly.

The networks were quick to respond to the shocking news:

“So, what happens next? For the Chinese, this is a very humiliating fact. “It’s outrageous and disgusting”, “Turning animal cruelty into a joke, it’s boundless stupidity”, “Someone doing the same to you”,  among other things, were some of the comments.