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Meet Bea- An Abandoned Duck That Was Saved By A Woman

Meet Bea, a cute baby duck that was found and saved by a woman named Erin. Bea was lucky to be seen by this amazing woman.

Baby duck was abandoned before she ever hatched. So Erin took care of her.

Also, she decided to adopt Bea! Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?

“…there were many unhatched eggs, so on my way back through I stopped at the nest, just to confirm they were all duds. Well! It’s a good thing I did because this little bugger was actively hatching!!! It hatched a full day after the rest of the clutch. tried for hours to get mama to go back to her nest. …At sundown, baby was still resting and mama wanted nothing to do with it. I knew it wouldn’t survive the night and my conscious just wouldn’t let me ignore it,” said Erin in an interview for another website.

Now baby duck is so healthy and very beautiful. Erin always feeds her and take care of her. So cute!