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Hilary Duff Adopts Puppy No One Else Wanted Because He Looks Different

Mojito and his siblings were born after their mother became pregnant while mistakenly leaving the yard. When the dog’s parents found out she’d produced pups, they decided they didn’t want them right away.

The family hastily handed the puppies to Love Leo Rescue in Los Angeles after discovering them. The adorable pups are half pug, half Chihuahua — colloquially known as “chugs” — and were given the names Mojito, Mimosa, Daiquiri, and Pia Colada by the shelter.


Sasha Rose, owner of Love Leo Rescue, told The Dodo, “We offered to neuter the mom for free, but tragically they denied our offer.” “We provide a free spay and neuter clinic for low-income households, and we cannot stress enough how crucial it is to get your dogs spayed and neutered.”

Mojito and two of his sisters have black coats, which makes it difficult for a dog to be adopted, on top of coming from an undesirable litter. Darker-coated dogs don’t usually photograph well or appear as outwardly expressive as lighter-coated dogs, making it more difficult for potential adopters to see their amazing personalities show through.


Mojito and his siblings had been at the rescue for almost a month when the small runt of the litter was adopted by an unexpected individual.

On Tuesday, actress Hilary Duff revealed on Instagram that she had acquired Mojito, now known as Momo, and she couldn’t be happier to welcome her new puppy home. Duff is an animal enthusiast who also has a couple of additional pets at home.

Love Leo Rescue posted on its Facebook page, “Another win for black dogs everywhere.” “Mojito has found his eternal home… safe and well in Hilary Duff’s arms.” This dog went from being unwanted to having the best life ever. Thank you, Hilary Duff, for sharing the adoption word and for embracing Mojito into your family.”


Not only is Mojito now highly sought for, but he’s also a famous puppy who will be cherished by millions of people on his new mom’s Instagram account every day. He’s discovered the perfect place to call home, and he’ll never have to worry about being unwanted again.