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Meet Fedya, An Underdeveloped Cat Whose Story Will Move Your Heart

Meet Fedya, a lovely cat with such a unique-looking face.

He has had such a tough life- cat survived his infancy.

Fedya used to be a stray cat until he found shelter in the garden of Natalya, a woman from Russia.

Cat was sick! He was so weak and ill.

He got saved by Natalya. Woman took care of Fedya and nursed him back to health.

Also, cat was underdeveloped.

He and his siblings lost their mom after being born. And… that’s sad!

Natalya’s other cat named Handsome (Krasavchik) really loved Fedya since the beginning. Now they are inseparable.

Also, Handsome decided to adopt Fedya as his son.

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? Aw!