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Damaged Sea Turtle Named Lou Learns To Swim Again

A sea turtle was rescued by Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre (CTRC), a non-profit voluntary organization in Australia.

He was found in discarded fishing nets.

Immediately CTRC helped this sea turtle and named him Lou.

“Lou had his front left flipper missing, worn off from trying to escape from the net,” Jennifer Gilbert, the co-founder of CTRC, told Bored Panda. “He was picked up by the rangers who drove him down to Weipa and he was transported to Cairns via Qantas Link who sponsored his flight.”

Dr. Rod Gilbert had his back right flipper very damaged. Also Dr. Gilbert told that it was hope for Lou to recover and go back into the wild.

“The decision was to amputate that flipper which left him with only 2 of them, luckily opposing,” Gilbert recalled. “There was always hope he would recover and be returned back to the wild where he belongs. Being an adult male olive ridley, it was important that he went back.”

Now Lou feels good again and has learned how to swim again.