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On Her Walks, A Kind Golden Retriever Stops And Greets Everyone She Sees

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason, as any dog owner can confirm. They are loving and loyal. Louboutina (or Loubie for short) is a beautiful Golden Retriever that expresses her love for humans with loving hugs rather than tail wags and licks.

When Loubie and her owner Cesar Fernandez-Chavez go on a stroll, it’s never the same. Loubie loves to hug people by wrapping her forelegs around their knees when they stop to pat her.

Friendly Golden Retriever Stops and Hugs

Loubie took up the behavior on her own, according to Fernandez-Chavez; she just likes hugging people, which can include total strangers. Loubie’s regular treks throughout New York City are a sight to behold as a result of this.

Fernandez-Chavez told The Dodo, “It’s just not a typical walk.” “It’s a hugging walk,” says the narrator. As a result, we don’t get to move very far.”


Loubie liked to hold hands with people before she wanted to offer them hugs. This specific hand-holding custom began on Valentine’s Day in 2014, shortly after Fernandez-Chavez ended a long-term romance.


Fernandez-Chavez stated in an interview with The Dodo,

“She sat up and grabbed both of my hands with both of her paws, then crossed the other paw over her paw. “At least I have someone to hold hands with for Valentine’s Day,” I joked with my pals.

Loubie’s favorite activity gradually became handholding attention, and she began seeking it out anytime she went out on the streets of New York.


Loubie insisted on holding hands with him on every walk after that. Passers-by couldn’t resist but stop to comment on what appeared to be a comfort reaction for her.

Loubie began to express her devotion in a new way a few years later: through hugs.


Rather of insisting on holding hands, she preferred to sit quite close to Chavez’s legs.

She’d then encircle his knees with her legs. Chavez initially thought it was strange, but he let her keep doing it.


And it was from there that her hugging habit began. In fact, it just became more powerful.


“Depending on where I’m standing, she gets a decent grasp. “I have to make sure I stay balanced,” Fernandez-Chavez added.


Loubie began extending her embraces to others very immediately. She seemed to enjoy meeting friends and spreading love, which is why dogs are so wonderful.


“We’d run into neighbors she knew, and instead of simply leaning on them, she’d start hugging them, and then random strangers who would come up to us.”


Loubie soon rose to fame on social media, with fans adoring her and her hugs.


Loubie will gladly give hugs to others, yet she will not embrace just anybody. She can be choosy at times, and she will only embrace individuals with whom she shares a relationship.

People would sometimes come Chavez and ask for a hug, but she will explain that she has to bond first. When she sits next to someone, though, something is far more likely to happen.



Follow Loubie the golden retriever on Instagram for more images of her giving hugs.


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