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Woman Sees Wet Dog Near River — Then Notices The Anchor Around His Neck

On Friday, Audra Petrakien was driving along a calm lane near her house in Lithuania when she observed something strange on the wayside. There was a sopping wet dog, shivering and alone.

Petrakien decided to come to a halt, only to discover that he had escaped a vicious assassination attempt.


The dog had apparently recently emerged from a nearby river, but it was plain that someone had planned for him to remain imprisoned beneath the water’s surface indefinitely. A improvised anchor was hung around the dog’s neck.

Andra Petrakien, Petrakien’s daughter, told The Dodo that “apparently, someone put a heavy metal thing around his neck and tossed him in the river to drown.” “The dog was terrified and shivering from the cold.”

Petrakien captured the moment she rushed to the pup’s aid.

It’s unknown how the dog managed to survive the attempted drowning despite the odds being stacked against him, but he did.

Andra described him as a “great warrior.”

Petrakien then returned home with the dog, removing the metal from around his neck and drying his wet coat. She then took him to the veterinarian for a checkup.

Fortunately, the dog was not gravely hurt, and he is now healing under Petrakien’s care. She has alerted the authorities of the incident and is keen to see the perpetrator brought to justice.

Petrakien has taken fantastic care of the sad pup.

Andra predicted, “She will surely do what is best for this puppy.”