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Dog Works As A Delivery Girl And Raises Funds For 160 Other Animals

A lovely dog in Mexico City who works as a vegan food delivery person to aid her colleagues at the animal shelter to which she belongs has won the hearts of all the people and netizens who have heard about her tale on various social media platforms.

Any is a dog from the Garritas Guerreras animal sanctuary, which has become well-known for distributing food in the streets of her city just to raise donations.

Any has her “Doggie Eats” bag, which she uses to deliver “Amvorguesas” much like a delivery person in any app (Vegan Burgers).


Mexico has long been regarded as having one of the highest rates of homeless canines in Latin America, and this number has risen as a result of the epidemic. As a result, shelters are seeking for methods to aid these creatures, whether through rescue or finding a permanent home.

Unfortunately, the shelters’ efforts have not been sufficient, and they are increasingly unable to assist the furry ones due to a lack of financial resources.


Garritas Guerreras is one of those who has been impacted, but fortunately, Any is a member of this shelter and is eager to aid her brothers. Any is one of the 160 animals placed in the shelter, but the management has had to devise solutions owing to a shortage of funding.

As a result, the shelter has committed itself to selling vegan cuisine, such as hamburgers, chips, and flavored water, in order to collect sufficient revenue.


They plan to benefit shelter animals through the sale of their items, and the greatest part is that all purchasers receive an unique delivery. Any has always been a kind, hardworking, and helpful dog, and now she is in charge of delivering orders using her baggage.


The lovely delivery dog always goes out with her handler, but she understands that it is her obligation to ensure that the package is delivered on time.

Staff at the shelter remarked on a Facebook post:

“Friends, this lomiredistributor is already up and running…. She takes the daily croquette to the shelter and shows her support for the 160 animal residents… We have vegan amvorguesas, chips, and lemon-infused beet water… Support small businesses in your community».


Any’s photographs have immediately gone popular on social media, with the dog even posing in front of the cameras to show off her good work.

Any has amassed such a large following on the internet that she now has an Instagram account with thousands of followers from all around the world.