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Adorable Pig And Pit Bull Find A Home Together After Losing Their Owner

Jessica Overlock, who lives with her family in Ohio, Arizona (United States), has been caring for her neighbor’s dogs since his untimely death. Penelope Rose, a pig, and Ruby Sue, a pit bull, aren’t your typical pet pair, but they’ve found a home where they’ll be able to remain together.

Jessica told People, “If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, this is

“We’ve been looking after them for the past week after their owner, a dear friend and neighbor, passed away unexpectedly. I’ve always been their caretaker while he was gone, and we’re obviously close because we live next door.”


Despite their differences, these creatures maintain a strong affinity. They’re truly attached, and Jessica, although not being a typical pet adopter, was always on the lookout for a place where she could keep them together.

She went on to say:

“They don’t seem to realize they’re a pit bull and a pig. They’re only sisters, after all.”


Jessica explains:

“I promised the young girl who had lost her father that we would find a forever home together,” she said.


When the woman posted that she was searching for a home for the pig and pit bull pair, she received a lot of responses.

Jessica had this to say:

“I’ve received a deluge of emails.”


While Ruby Sue gets along with everyone, Jessica says it’s vital to remember that the Pit Bull doesn’t get along with cats or other dogs while looking for the proper home. She was adamant that the household she wanted to adopt did not have dogs or cats as pets, but she could not guarantee anything about other pigs.