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This Dog That Was Chained For 8 Years Receives A Caress For The First Time

Bron had been shackled for eight years, surrounded by grief and anguish, but all changed in a moment. Bron had spent his entire childhood enslaved on a Spanish plantation. The animal’s fragile physique had a succession of injuries that were never treated owing to ignorance, exhibiting symptoms that he had been abused until he was finally discovered by volunteers from Animal Rescue Spain.

Bron also carried the unseen wounds of never being loved in addition to those visible wounds.

On its Facebook page, the group stated:

“We’d want to present Bron to you.” After 8 years as a guard dog, this large animal was bound with a punishment chain whose spikes were already implanted in his neck.

“However, Bron will need a lot of patience with his ailments, which aren’t simply physical.”

Bron let his guard down even after he was rescued and carried to safety, but the rescuers never stopped attempting to earn his confidence, and his efforts paid off.

Bron eventually allowed himself to be touched by what may have been the first touch he had ever received in a poignant moment recorded on tape.


Bron was suddenly a loved dog after his first taste of human warmth and care, but assisting him through all those years of trauma was an equally longer path.

Bron has been rescued for almost a year and has spent the majority of that time working with a professional dog trainer to prepare him for a permanent home.

Pilar expressed herself as follows:

“He’s a happy dog, but he still has a long way to go.” Despite the hardships, Bron’s heart still hopes that he will be able to spend the rest of his days with his family ».

Bron, a mistreated dog, is looking for a permanent home.

Bron is currently cared after by godparents who pay a monthly fee. Pilar Delgado, on the other hand, feels Bron “will stay there till he dies of old age.”

But, as the group claims, Bron hasn’t given up hope of being visible; he’s been slow to trust humans, but he’s getting there.