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Mama Moose And Her Two Calves Had Their Best Life In This Man’s Backyard

An adorable scene was seen last year at a backyard’s house in Anchorage, Alaska. Roland Rydstrom saw some new guests at his yard and was surprised.

There were a mama moose and her two calves. Mama and her two babies were enjoying the nature and decided to take a nap.

Man filmed them all the time and he uploaded some beautiful pictures in Internet. The images went viral immediately and everyone loves mama moose and her two calves now.

They all looked so innocent and lovely.

“Right away, I found the Flat Stanley my cousins sent me from Iowa,” he told Bored Panda. “I had promised my cousins and their elementary school group that I’d take a picture of Flat Stanley with the moose in my yard, but so far in the almost three months I’d been working from home, I hadn’t been home when the moose were here — a very common experience. Flat Stanley had been out on the local hiking trails with me, but so far I’d been unlucky with moose pictures.”

“I took the pictures of the moose with Flat Stanley, and took a few without him and went to work. I really expected that the moose would walk away at some point but every time I looked up from my work, they were still there,” Rydstrom explained.

Also man has told Bored Panda that mama moose and her babies were having the best life at his yard.

They looked so relaxed and happy.