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For All The Dogs At The Local Park, Dad Creates A “Stick Library”

David Carter and his family have benefited from Nahla the Goldendoodle’s assistance during a challenging year. Whether she’s cuddling with her family or chasing sticks at the dog park, the lovable doggie is always there to give entertainment and diversion.

Carter told The Dodo, “It took her two years to thoroughly teach us, and now we’re entirely taught to do anything she wants all of the time.” “She’s simply a lovely family member – having a cat like this, especially in the last year, has been wonderful.”


Carter decided to establish a “Stick Library” for his local dog park in Saskatchewan, Canada, to give back to Nahla and the other dogs in the community. Carter initially saw the concept on Facebook and thought it would be a great project to undertake with his 10-year-old son, Jeremiah.


The father-son collaboration had to come up with the appropriate design before the construction could begin. “We had to talk about what type of proportions it should have so it was the proper length for the sticks that most dogs prefer, and we had to make it durable enough to withstand being in the dog park,” Carter explained.

The two got to work with some scrap timber. Carter taught his kid how to utilize the equipment needed to build the library, including how to mark it using a wood burner.


There are now two branches open, with more on the way. However, unlike other libraries, Carter’s stick libraries have a somewhat loose return policy.

“We’re dealing with dogs here,” Carter explained, “so the standards are quite lax.” “We don’t have anything like an overdue policy.” We’re hoping that folks will return the sticks.”


The stick libraries have gotten a lot of attention from dogs and their owners in the last week. Nothing pleases Carter and Jeremiah more than seeing their libraries offer delight to their animal friends. “Seeing dogs rush right over and grab a stick has been extremely amazing,” Carter said.

“Ultimately, it’s just a wooden box on the ground,” Carter explained, “but I believe the tale is about giving people something else to think about and speak about that isn’t about the epidemic and is about something joyful — especially because it includes their dogs.”