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When A Brave Small Dog Crosses The Border, He Is Met By Immigration Officers

A dog crossed the border separating Mexico and the United States, and the response of the officials on the scene is fascinating.

No one is surprised by the dozens of migrants who risk their lives every day to cross the border into the United States and pursue the so-called “American dream.” People of many nationalities, whose countries are in conflict or catastrophe, join Mexicans on such a voyage.

Officials from the Department of Migration are always on the lookout for anybody attempting to cross the border illegally or, worse worse, attempting to enter the nation with a forbidden drug, but there was one human who could not be denied entry.

The narrative of a very specific immigrant has been disclosed in some emotional photographs that have been circulating on social media, ah, but also quite respectfully! A beige poodle who even stood in line to see the immigration officers.

The puppy managed to pass past all of the security lines and be greeted on the other side without any form of document in hand, but with a moving glance and a caring grin.

This furry companion is more crafty than any coyote, and he breaks all the regulations when he enters the nation, since he learned how to persuade the Department’s employees to let him in.

Even the cops were moved by the walking kindness, with one of them disregarding his authority to kneel down and pamper and play with the dog. This isn’t a particularly frequent gesture among military personnel.

Although the history of this dog has generated many problems since it began to spread via various social media platforms, it should not be forgotten that the crossing of the border between Mexico and the United States is one of the most contentious migratory issues in Latin America.

Many lives have been lost in that desert, and as a result, it remains a sensitive topic for the Latino community as a whole. However, the poignant moment in which the hairy hand of the border crossing guards shined did not go unnoticed.