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The Family Makes Certain That Their Dog Receives All Of The Attention On His 14th Birthday

Terri Christopher and her family opted to adopt another dog in her memory after losing a key member, such as their beloved pet. So, after some deliberation, they flew from Florida to Alabama in the United States to pick up their new family member, a charming little puppy named Dakota.

The gorgeous dog has lived a fantastic life with his loving family, he has traveled and experienced his loved ones’ devotion, they have lived in many and amazing places, and the beach is his favorite place of all.

He used to adore running in the waves as a youngster, so his family takes him there every year for his birthday to spend the day and celebrate his life.


Dakota’s mother, Terri, told The Dodo:

“Dakota had been a ‘old soul’ since she was a newborn.” It’s almost as if he knew what we were going through, and he was the one who saved us! He’s always had a laid-back demeanor and has never behaved like a puppy.


Dakota’s birthday is a holiday for her family, and they go out of their way to show her how much they love and cherish every minute they have spent together, and Dakota, of course, likes being the center of attention with her loved ones.

Terri adds:

“We’ve always made a huge deal out of his birthday. He usually spends his days at the beach with a broad smile on his face… Birthdays became more meaningful to him as he grew older, and we are grateful to have received one more year.


Now as the years are beginning to weigh on the beloved puppy’s body and excursions to the beach aren’t as often as they once were, his family is constantly looking for a way to do something special for their gorgeous canine buddy.


This year would be no exception, so they decided to design a charming poster that they put on the passenger door of the vehicle, proclaiming that it was their beloved animal companion’s 14th birthday, and they chose to go for a nice stroll for people to give them a treat. Dakota was ultimately extremely happy because she received a bit of your attention and was able to enjoy her birthday.

Terri recalls:

“Last year, when I was 13, we performed the ‘honk for my birthday’ sign and the vehicle ride for the first time. He had a fantastic reaction and appeared to appreciate all of the attention. With his physical condition deteriorating over the [past] year, we were quite lucky to reach year 14, so of course we had to celebrate.