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Dog Loves Clothes So Much His Grandpa Built Him An Adorably Tiny Closet

Meet Pluto, a gorgeous little puppy that is as fashionable as he is nice.

But fashion means more to him than just looking beautiful.


Pluto began to exhibit signals that something wasn’t right not long after being taken in as a rescue by Twitter user Lily (@heyitslilyyy) and her family. His new owners observed that he shivered constantly, but they couldn’t figure out why.

Lily told The Dodo, “The doctor claimed it was simply ‘anxiety.'” “I realized that, because he’s so small, he’s probably freezing.”


Lily bought a little jacket for him to wear to test the notion, and sure enough, the shaking stopped.

Pluto’s love affair with clothing began at that point.


Lily has since acquired over a dozen coats and shirts to keep Pluto warm and stylish. However, as his wardrobe grew, a new difficulty arose: where would he put all of the dog’s clothes?

Fortunately, Lily’s father came up with the ideal answer.


“In less than two days, he made my dog a whole closet!” Lily remarked. “I thought that was incredible.”

Lily wasn’t the only one who was taken aback by the lovely structure. Pluto was enthralled by it as well, and immediately began planning his outfit for the day:

“He was ecstatic!”



Pluto was a happy pup.


“My dad is a brilliant builder,” Lily said, adding that the little closet was a labor of love for him: “He refers to Pluto as his grandchild.”

Pluto clearly has it made.