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After A Sarcastic Octopus Stole Her Beloved Tennis Ball, A Little Puppy Is Taken Aback

Our furry companions are very unique animals who never fail to astonish us; they don’t always need to talk to communicate their emotions; their glance frequently does.

Just like this dog, who stands helplessly by as an octopus grabs her favorite tennis ball. Lucy is a furry girl who enjoys going to the beach with her family and her favorite tennis ball.

Lucy never anticipated that on one of those beach days, a stranger would abandon her beloved toy.

CREDIT: Riette Creighton

Lucy and her family were recently enjoying themselves on the beach near their house in South Africa when they were approached by a very curious octopus. This small eight-armed creature chose to approach closer, and it didn’t take long for him to figure out what piqued his curiosity.

CREDIT: Riette Creighton

Lucy’s owner, Riette Creighton, claimed her dog was taken aback by what transpired.

CREDIT: Riette Creighton

“As high tide approached, this octopus appeared in the shallow water,” Riette explained.

Lucy tossed her ball into the water and sat it there for quite some time.

CREDIT: Riette Creighton

“All of a sudden, the octopus snatched the ball.” I believe my reaction was similar to Lucy’s. He’d never had anything like it before. “This was the next level!” said the narrator. Riette said.

Without warning, the tennis ball had changed hands and now belonged to the octopus. He’d taken it, and Lucy had no option but to accept it.

CREDIT: Riette Creighton

Surprisingly, the octopus appeared to love the tennis ball as much as Lucy did, and it showed no signs of returning it.

The octopus chose to take his new toy home after touching it numerous times at the water’s surface.

“He encircled the ball with his tentacle and vanished.” We waited for nearly a half-hour for the ball to appear, but we were unsuccessful. “He had vanished!” Riette went on to say.

CREDIT: Riette Creighton

Given that tennis balls float, the octopus must have carefully gripped it as it sank into the depths.

CREDIT: Riette Creighton

Despite the fact that the ball was misplaced, Lucy’s day at the beach was not entirely wrecked. She continued to play, oblivious to the occurrence.

Lucy no longer has to be concerned about her toy being taken by someone else.

Riette described her as “such a kind spirit.”

Perhaps the octopus wanted to play with his companions, but that’s only a conjecture; the fact is that no one knows why the octopus took the tennis ball, and it will remain a mystery.

CREDIT: Riette Creighton

Riette, for one, went out in quest of a new ball for her pet dog, adding:

“The next day, he returned to the ocean with a fresh ball!”