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Woman Seeks To Adopt A Dog From A Shelter And Finds The Dog She Lost 2 Years Ago

After more than two years apart and while hunting for a dog for her two children from a shelter, this mother from Pennsylvania, United States, had a lovely and highly emotional reunion with her lost dog. Aisha Nieves noticed a pit bull-Rottweiler hybrid on the Lehigh County Humane Society’s (LCHS) adoption website and recognized it was the same dog she had lost years before.

When Aisha was barely seven weeks old, she acquired her puppy, Kovu. Kovu lived next to her until he vanished in May of this year. He was discovered in terrible health by the humane society a few weeks later.

Facebook/ Aisha D Nieves

Deirdre Snyder, LCHS Director of Development, recalls:

“He required flea treatment since his back hair was gone and he was swollen. Antibiotics were given to him, and he was washed in a special medical shampoo. He spent roughly four months in our shelter before being adopted by a family on October 25, 2019.”

Facebook/ Aisha D Nieves

Aisha believes Kovu got out of his house through a hole left two weeks previously by a vehicle that drove into his front door around the same time.

The lady stated:

“When I returned home later that day, I discovered she was gone, and she wasn’t there to rush up to me and kiss me as she used to.” I looked through the entire home and couldn’t locate it, so I went to Allentown for a week and still couldn’t find it.”

But, as destiny would have it, and fortunately for this woman, Kovu was recently returned to the shelter because his adoptive family was facing eviction. As soon as Aisha identified her pet, she phoned the shelter to confirm that she was Kovu’s mother and arrange for a reunion.

Aisha continued:

“He was screaming and running towards me, attempting to get away from the person who was holding him.” He then pounced on me and began kissing and holding me. He took a seat on my lap. ‘Yes, mate, you’re coming home,’ I said. I’m very sorry for what occurred. I’ll never let you go again.

Facebook/ Aisha D Nieves

The LCHS head of development explains that a dog recognizing its owner after a long time away is not unusual:

“Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, which is likely the first thing they notice when they are recognized. Many films of military soldiers returning home after a long absence may be found on the internet, and your dog will identify them with the same delight and excitement that Kovu felt for Aisha.”

Facebook/ Aisha D Nieves