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From The Ambulance To The Funeral This Dog Does Not Leave His Deceased Father

Gisele Sics’ loss of her adored uncle Paulo Sics was a trying time for her. The woman, who is from Parintins in Brazil’s Amazonas region, recounted a very touching story about the devotion of her uncle’s cherished dog. The dog showed her love and dedication to her departed father by being by her side constantly after losing her closest buddy and never leaving her for even a single second.

Without a question, the people in the neighborhood, his family, and friends adored Paulo, but his devoted dog gave him the sweetest and most heartfelt expression of affection.

“Unfortunately, my uncle passed away today, but he left behind a certainty that his loyal companion held dear.”


His closest buddy constantly returned the dog’s attention, and when he was in the ICU for treatment, Paulo frequently inquired about their devoted friend. For this man, learning about his dog was the highlight of every day. Unfortunately, Paulo’s health could no longer hold out.


Gisele added the following:

“He went to the graveyard with his dog at his side from the ambulance. Because to him, his dog was a son, it was devastating to witness him kissing his father as he lay in the casket. In order to prevent him from jumping into the grave, they had to put up with him. He had never witnessed a love that was so genuine.


The dog remained by his side during his funeral and shown all of the love and devotion he had for his father. The dejected dog remained with the person who had raised him throughout his life, as though aware that this was his last goodbye.