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Pugs Are Really Cute, Puppy Dislikes Bathing, But When It’s Her Mother’s Turn, She Finds The Bravery To Lend Her A Helping Hand

Diego is a sweet pug puppy that lives in Los Angeles, California with his mother (United States). This gentle and amusing young child despises bathing and frequently consoles his mother when it is her turn to shower; he feels she needs his support during these trying moments.

Diego’s peace is disturbed merely by the sound of the bathtub filling and the foam, and this is only the beginning of a huge drama.

Raphi Muoz, the Pug’s mother, told The Dodo:

“When he takes a bath, he cries like he’s being slaughtered.”


Raphi, on the other hand, prefers long and peaceful bubble baths, which Diego still finds perplexing. He feels his mother is in pain and wishes to provide her with some relief.

The lady explains:

“When I took a bath and yelled and cried all the while, he loathed it.”


The dog despises baths and believes that his mother shares his fear of foam, so he is continually looking for a way to help her cope with what he perceives to be a dreadful circumstance by providing emotional support.

Diego originally handed her a leg as a symbol that he was by her side through those traumatic moments, according to the woman.

@raphiflowers On Duty Pug anyone? I don’t know why he does this he cries if I don’t hold his paw #fyp #foryou #BaseballSzn #pugsoftiktok #blackpug #fypシ ♬ Sarah – Alex G

Diego did not abandon his mother despite his anxiety of being in the toilet; he stayed by her side long enough to console her.

Raphi continues:

“You are really brave and honorable!” I wouldn’t expect anything less from him, given how protective he is of me.