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A Homeless Rooster Joins This Family’s Home and Decides to Make Himself at Home

While Chaz Sanders and his family were enjoying the comfort and peace of their home, an unwanted homeless rooster visited their property. The family were perplexed by the specific visitation, as there are no neighbors within 2 miles of their property.

The rooster, whom they named Ronnie, initially sought to separate himself from the family, but as time passed, he realized that this was his home and he had no desire to leave.

Chaz explained to The Dodo:

“We opened the door for the dogs to come and leave one morning, and when we glanced up, he was there in the living room.”

This family’s home gets invaded by a homeless rooster.


This family had no intention of adopting a rooster, but they fell in love with Ronnie and believed he had come to their house for a reason. He is now a member of the family, and the bird appears to be content.

Chaz explains:

I fell in love with him right away. I grew raised in an animal-filled environment but never owned any birds or chickens. He follows us around like a puppy and enjoys being the center of attention. He kept a distance and wouldn’t allow us touch him at first, but once inside the home, he got heated without a difficulty. He basically took control and now does whatever he wants.


The house contains two dogs, Addy and Merle, who welcomed Ronnie as a member of the family right away.

The naughty rooster now roams the home calmly, having pleasure in every corner. It can be tough to get him to follow the rules of the house at times; you would almost certainly prefer to establish your own regulations.


It makes everything at home more enjoyable. Chaz guarantees:

“He’s feisty but devoted to a chicken. She’s a diva who acts like an adolescent. Scream if he doesn’t get away with it, and he’ll do what you tell him, but you’ll have to tell him several times.


Ronnie likes hiding himself in high areas where his family cannot reach him; his favorite hiding spots are the chandelier and the ceiling fan. Although he occasionally acts like a dog, he is a rooster at heart and likes waking up the family early in the morning with his singing.


The family researched the care required for this sort of pet and have now adopted some hens to keep Ronnie company. They have never owned any kind of bird before, but the family is overjoyed with their new additions.


The family has no idea how Ronnie ended up on their patio, but they can’t picture his life without his new and special companion.