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Hawk Is Confused About Why This ‘Duck’ Isn’t Scared Of Him

Most likely, this gorgeous hawk never dreamed his job as apex predator would ever be called into question, confident in the knowledge that his dominance would always be unchallenged.

However, he eventually met his match.


One day, while out hunting for food, the hawk came across something he couldn’t pass up. There was a sitting duck, relaxing on a patch of grass, seemingly oblivious to the ravenous hawk’s approach.

Of course, the hawk was unaware that the duck was really a decoy figure. And it wouldn’t be intimidated easily.

Garybob, a YouTube user, was watching as an intriguing little brawl unfolded:

The bewildered hawk fought in vain for many anxious minutes to subdue the seemingly unflappable “duck.” He seemed to take a few moments every few minutes to look about, as if he was being played.

In the end, the hawk made the smart decision to decline the challenge. The duck decoy had won the day, something the hawk would undoubtedly want to forget.