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Dogs Who Grew Up Together In A Shelter Became Inseparable And Finally Found A Home

Rico and Rafiq were two of the four puppies from the same litter that were discovered in a water drain, entirely alone, and eating trash. While their two sisters, who were rescued, were quickly adopted, these canines grew up together.

The four puppies were taken to the premises of the animal rescue group ZEIL at the age of about one and a half months so that they could receive the proper care.

After their sisters were adopted, Rico and Rafiq remained in the rescue center’s care for another two years. During this time, the two of them developed a strong emotional bond and eventually became inseparable.

Although both dogs had very reserved personalities, they were always very devoted to their owners and the other dogs at the shelter.

Rafiq was ultimately adopted by a family in Denmark, but they couldn’t remain apart, so a few days after the adoption, Rafiq escaped from his new home to search for his brother Rico. They had always been together until the day of separation.

Rafiq’s new family made every effort to find him, but it was difficult because the dog was in a location that was completely unfamiliar to him.

The ZEIL rescue center decided to travel to Denmark with his brother Rico because nothing appeared to be working, and they were successful in finding him there after a two-day long, intensive search.