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Meet Pumbaa, An Adorable And Friendly Wild Cat That Was Trained By A Family In Latvia And Now Hates Being Alone

Although Pumbaa appears to be a fearsome and terrifying wild cat, the fact is that he is a loving wild cat or caracal who was domesticated by his family and who does not hesitate to lavish affection on his family.

This large cat lives in Latvia with Deniss Jegorovs, 18, and other relatives, and it should be emphasized that caracals are permitted as pets in Latvia.

Caracals are medium-sized wild cats found in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and portions of South Asia.


Pumbaa has evolved into a friendly cat that dislikes being alone, despite his wild tendencies, large appetite, and proclivity to flee.

According to METRO, Deniss stated:

“Pumbaa despises being alone, therefore he frequently hangs around with us during the day. In the evenings, he likes to sit next to us and watch TV.”


Pumbaa is a three-times-a-day eater who enjoys hanging out with the other two cats in the home, a Maine Coon and a British Shorthair. Pumbaa’s family says that he hisses at them a lot for no apparent reason, yet he likes to touch his feet and sleep with them.

Furthermore, as long as they are not irritating him, he is a very sociable animal; nonetheless, he makes it apparent that he always wants to be accompanied.


Dennis continued, ”

“He doesn’t enjoy being alone, and when he is, he even yells.”

The adorable Pumbaa spends almost every day keeping an eye on what his family is up to, and he has become simply another family member.


Pumbaa is smarter than a typical cat, thus his movements and displays of affection are more genuine than those of a typical feline. Having a large cat as a pet gets a lot of people’s attention, and they are often shocked when they take it for a stroll.

When people see it for the first time, they are sometimes excited, but many are terrified of it and even wonder whether it is hazardous.


Caring for a huge cat, on the other hand, comes with its own set of challenges, since their feral tendencies frequently manifest themselves in a number of scenarios. Whenever Pumbaa wakes up with her family, he begins pleading for food to satisfy his voracious stomach.

He generally lives outside in the summer, but it becomes quite chilly in the autumn, so he remains inside until mid-spring.


He has a tendency to flee without warning at times, and his family’s major struggle is to keep him from leaving his area. It had occurred before, and because he was unfamiliar with the region, he was unable to return home, and his family spent many days searching for him.

Fortunately, they were able to locate it, but there are other natural threats that may directly harm the feline, such as a frozen lake in the winter.