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During His Mother’s Wake, Puppy Weeps And Stands Beside The Coffin

Dogs will always be regarded as the most loyal creatures because they are prepared to go to great lengths for the love of their owners, and a puppy in Camaçari, Bahia, Brazil, who grieved and remained close to his mother’s coffin after she died, demonstrates that this loyalty extends beyond death.

The proprietor of a funeral home in the city, Jailson Almeida, recalled an emotional occasion when a dog proved its devotion for its owner.

Unfortunately, Luzinete Lopes Diniz, the mother of Toy the puppy, died of a heart attack, which was devastating news for her family and her pet.


Luzinete’s small puppy took a mournful expression that saddened everyone present during the wake conducted to bid farewell to her sweet spirit. Toy had been with the woman since she was a puppy, and he appeared determined to stay with her until she left.

The most startling aspect is that when the casket came at the wake location, Toy remained very close to it, refusing to allow anybody approach.


G1 News quoted Jailson as saying:

“He stood at her side the whole time, shouting her name and clawing the coffin.”

Apparently, the animal realized that this would be his final goodbye, and he began to scream out of desperation to see her.

All of the persons present at the funeral on that day, Wednesday, April 28th, confirmed that the animals’ sentiments are genuine.


Luzinete and Toy have always had a wonderful friendship. It was a little puppy who attended the kind elderly lady to church, the store, and everywhere else. Toy was adopted by the woman when he was just a puppy, and she has treated him like a family member ever since.

Jailson had this to say:

He’d known her since she was a child. She raised him as if he were a son, and she treated him as such.


Luzinete had suffered a stroke a few months before, but she recovered well, and Toy was constantly at her side during her recovery. Unfortunately, the woman’s cardiac troubles persisted until she reached a point where her heart could no longer withstand.

Doa Luzinete was a well-liked member of the community, and she was known as a devout Christian, therefore her death was felt by everybody.


No one, however, would be able to erase the anguish that her beloved dog suffered when he was fired, as Toy revealed his love for her in that heartbreaking time.

Jailson was so taken aback that he decided to write a text on social media recalling Luzinete and Toy’s departure.


According to one section of the text:

“[…] What struck me the most was the family dog’s anguish; he seemed as if he realized his owner was dead, he sobbed like a human who has lost a loved one, and he refused to let anybody near the coffin.”

Dona Luzinete was ultimately laid to rest in the municipal cemetery, when her family, friends, and Toy said their final goodbyes.


The puppy’s tragic demeanor makes us think on life, as it demonstrates how essential we become to our pets.

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