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Cat Asking For Treats Couldn’t Possibly Make Himself Any Clearer

Blake, the adorable fluffy cat, may not be able to communicate, but he’s found a way to make himself absolutely clear — so don’t be fooled.

He’s in the mood for sweets, and he wants them immediately.


Blake’s owner, TikTok user @paige.evanss, recently posted a video of her cat making unusual demands. Rather of relying on flattery to acquire what he wants, Blake adopts a more direct approach.

He draws his owner’s attention and then indicates to the treat storage area.

Here’s a video of Blake at work:

@paige.evanss He knows what he wants #cat #catsoftiktok #petlover #cats #catlover #riot #letsstartariot @toriaaxx3 ♬ original sound – Paige Evans

Blake not only knows how to convey his desire for rewards, but he also appears to be aware that his message is being received loud and clear. He glares at his master if he doesn’t respond appropriately.

And it appears that this isn’t a one-time occurrence:

@paige.evanss Different day, same antics #fyp #catsoftiktok #cat ♬ Borderline – Tove Styrke