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Palomita Encounters A Woman And Claims Her To Be Her Mother

Sarah Barbosa moved from Massachusetts to Texas, United States, a few years ago with the intention of focusing on her family and abandoning her work in wildlife rehabilitation, but she couldn’t help but help when she saw a post on social media about an accident involving a birds nest with eggs inside.

Sarah felt compelled to assist, so she phoned the man and accompanied him to a parking lot, where he cared for the eggs.

According to the woman, who spoke to The Dodo,

“When he handed us this package, I immediately wondered, ‘What type of eggs are these?’ They were rather tiny. They were about the size of my thumb.”


At home, he tried to figure out what type of bird the two eggs may have contained.

Sarah continued,:

«It was whittled down to a dove or a dove. Pigeons were my first guess since they can suck. You may construct a makeshift bottle for them and let them consume food on their own; just keep an eye on how much they eat.”


One of the birds did not survive when they were hatched, but the other tiny one fought hard to live; he was definitely a fighter. He grew to link Sarah with food over time and used to tell her what he wanted.


Sarah documented her exploits with her feathered companion on social media when she had free time from her duties as a mother of the bird.

She says:

“Oh my god, he looks like Kevin, the bird from the movie Up,” a buddy exclaimed. Kevin’s name became ingrained in my mind. We’re not sure if Kevin is a female or a guy, but we address her as such and name her Kevin.


Sarah typically releases the animals when they have recovered, but Kevin appeared to enjoy his time with the family. The dove recognized the woman as its mother, and Sarah claims that animals, particularly birds, imprint themselves when raised by humans.

When Kevin sees his new mother arriving, he dances joyfully.


Sara explains:

“As soon as I walk into the room, she starts screaming.” It flaps its wings and smacks its paws together. “She craves the spotlight.”


Kevin wanted the rest of the family’s affection now that he had Sarah’s, so every morning he would drink coffee with his human’s husband, enjoy watching television as a family, and even play with the couple’s kid and teenage daughter.


Kevin was now just another part of the family, since his other rescued pets had a positive reaction to the pigeon.

Sarah explains:

«Three dogs have been saved. We’ve taken in cats, birds, and anything else has come our way. ‘Yeah,’ said the dogs. Another has been saved.’ “They’re all fantastic with all of the animals we aid.”


Kevin is currently enrolled in flying lessons and is learning how to land safely. The bird likes its time in the garden and is clearly a member of the family.


Sarah’s thoughts:

“Kevin isn’t going away,” says the narrator. We’ve fallen in love. We weren’t expecting a pigeon to be so connected to us. We are really engrossed in this.

Their feathery friend is adored by the family.

Sarah said:

“She or he has become a permanent member of the Barbosa family.”